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    15 July 2016

    Long time no update! While the JMG Quintet hasn't been active in a number of years, the album "Another Bridge Born" is still available via the various widgets and links on this page. Or, just ask me in person, I always have a box with me and I'm usually willing to hand out 5-6 for free. :) I've been much more active with my ambient project West Riding, in the tradition of Brian Eno, Deaf Center, Stars Of The Lid and Marconi Union. The latest album "Nothing Left But Light" is available on Spotify, BandCamp, and especially CDBaby, so be sure to visit there! Or, again, ask me in person and you may get more than you asked for :) I also have a video page on YouTube with self-made videos to some of the tracks on the album, and I have some newer creations on my SoundCloud page. The 2nd West Riding album "My Wyoming Within" is in the works and should be released sometime in 2017 (hope hope hope)!

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    1. Now MJNAL have a copy in hand on 4 July, 2018. The sound system are ethereal & mysterious and surrounding us right now. James has many talents!
      Thank you for all your works.